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Written by: Tree Wr3x

Win this corvette at Cantanna fest this Saturday!

Cantanna Fest Strange Music Corvette
Cantanna Fest Strange Music Corvette

Not only is Tech9 performing a 90-minute set along with a list of other great artists, you could have a chance to win this Corvette, just by buying a ticket.

Follow The Cantanna Fest on social media to follow all of the up-to-date information leading up to the event. If you’re interested in purchasing tickets, you can follow the link on the flyer.

The Cantanna Fest
The Cantanna Fest

You can also send a message to Timothy Edwards aka the talented Tim-Me on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and meet him in person to get your tickets.


While he is not performing at this year’s event, he is a part of the core staff and has been working behind the scenes. Cannabis legalization news is proud to be a part of the event and help promote the show. We will see you there!

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