Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch This Upcoming New Year

2 Marijuana Stocks For Your 2022 Watchlist

It seems that marijuana stocks are starting to see more momentum right before Christmas. In the last few days, the sector is starting to show better trading. As mentioned above this could be due to the holiday season. Or it could do to the optimistic anticipation of what will happen in 2022. This upcoming year many feel that 2022 will bring with it some upward consistency. Which could come from many different variables. – MarijuanaStocks

The main one is enacting federal cannabis reform. Next could be the success and continued progress of other cannabis companies. In addition to more legal states. With all this combined there is more than enough fuel to keep upward momentum consistent this new year. The big fear is not just another failed attempt at reform but having a repeat year. Meaning that the cannabis sector will face an even longer downtrend. No one wants this to happen yet many are leaning on federal reform to restore hope. Now if more states do vote to go legal hopefully this will resonate well among MSO and pure-play marijuana stocks.

Seeing how they are typically the first companies to enter new markets. The cannabis industry is growing and thriving at a fast rate. With how low the sector has dropped there is still time to find top marijuana stocks to buy. This is how the last 10 months have been one big buying window. To which many have done in preparation for the next possible run in the sector. Yet during this past year, some moments of increased trading did happen. But it was nothing that was able to be sustained. As well not everyone was able to capitalize on this short rise.

Marijuana Stocks Are Soon To Begin A New Year Of Trading

Furthermore with a bulk of investors buying the dips and most of them holding this new year could be one of big returns. Especially if the sector runs back close to levels that were seen in early 2021. So with 2022 almost here investors and shareholders await to see what the new year will bring. Just make sure like always to do your homework on each possible cannabis stock to buy. Some pot stocks may be down for now. But with further success out of the market things may change in 2022. The companies below are just a few marijuana stocks to watch this upcoming year.

The Best Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now

  1. Columbia Care Inc. (OTC:CCHWF)
  2. IM Cannabis Corp. (NASDAQ:IMCC)

Columbia Care Inc.

Columbia Care Inc. cultivates, manufactures, and provides cannabis-based health and wellness solutions, and derivative products. The company holds licenses in 18 jurisdictions in the United States and the European Union. As of October 13, 2021, it operated 130 facilities, including 99 dispensaries and 31 cultivation and manufacturing facilities.


Recently the company announced it’s the first to formulate cannabis extract vaporizer pen products from a UK-based manufacturer.  The products launched under its flagship medical Ceed brand and are comprised of four formulations. These will be available for patients throughout the UK when prescribed by a specialist consultant. These new vaporizer pens complete Columbia Care’s initial medical product portfolio.

Which includes tinctures, launched in April 2020, and its proprietary solid-fill powder capsules, launched in April 2021. These in particular remain unique in the UK market. This portfolio of products offers clinicians and patients in the UK the broadest range of medicinal cannabis products. Along with the capability to target different onset periods and duration of effect.

Words From The Company

“Columbia Care’s mission has always been to provide patients with access to the highest quality, safest medicinal cannabis products available. There are 28 million people suffering from chronic pain in the UK and this range of formulations offers pain doctors the best and most comprehensive selection of cannabinoid treatment options for their patients. We are proud to leverage our proprietary IP, formulation expertise, safety surveillance and patient reported data from the U.S. to bring innovation and precision to the growing UK medical cannabis market. We are witnessing increasing numbers of leading doctors integrate the use of medicinal cannabis into their practice evidencing growing acceptance in the UK of the clinical value of cannabinoids,” said Nicholas Vita, CEO, Columbia Care.

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IM Cannabis Corp.

IM Cannabis Corp. engages in breeding, growing, and supply of medical cannabis products in Israel, Germany, and Canada. It offers strains under the Roma, Dairy Queen, London, Tel Aviv, Paris, and Pandora Box brands; and CBD oil products under the IMC brand. In recent news, the IM Cannabis Corp made some updates to its new products. The company announced plans to launch its popular Canadian WAGNERS brand. Which will soon be available in the German medical cannabis market in 2022.


In addition to exporting premium, indoor-grown dried flowers from IMC Canada’s cultivation facility in 2022. Which is still subject to regulatory approval. These plans are consistent with the company’s vertically integrated, multi-country strategy. And it follows the company’s recently announced launch of WAGNERS in Israel. As well as the receipt of an import permit for Canadian cannabis products from the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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Words From The CEO

“With the rapid growth in demand for premium indoor-grown Canadian cannabis and an increasing number of German medical patients not relying on government re-imbursement, we are excited to launch our popular WAGNERS brand to medical patients in Germany. We continue to lay our foundation in Germany, currently one of the largest medical cannabis markets in the world, which is expected to rapidly expand as Germany’s new elected government enact broad regulatory reform of cannabis use.

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