New Survey Says Cannabis Is Taking Over Christmas This Year

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This time of year should be more about relaxing with friends and family than stressing about, well, everything. Between the omicron variant and no one wanting to go through another pandemic holiday, it’s easy to see why people are still feeling anxious.

So it’s no surprise that more people will be using weed to chill out.

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The ultimate de-stressor

According to a new report from CBD Oracle, a California-based consumer research company, at least 69% of 2,000 people polled plan to use cannabis to loosen up during the holidays, whether it’s to relieve stress, get a good night’s sleep, or improve their mood. 

More than 60%, however, said they’ll need it to cope with family members who have dissenting viewpoints of their own, especially when it comes to discussing COVID vaccines or being around anyone who is unvaccinated.

But in the spirit of the season, 48% said they’d be happy to share their weed with family because everyone simply needs to relax right now. And they’ll especially offer pot-infused beverages and edibles as gifts. Because if there’s one thing that almost everyone can agree on, it’s legalization and losing the tired tropes and stigma of using marijuana. Maybe Grandma will finally jump on board; you never know.

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Bye-bye booze

While overindulging on eggnog, bubbly, and festive cocktails is often the norm, a whopping 66% said they’ll be choosing cannabis over alcohol at least part of the time during the holidays, with 43% making the full swap. That’s an ongoing trend

Unfortunately, that might mean more people will be driving high. Almost 50% of people surveyed said that while they drive sober from alcohol, they do drive after using cannabis. Although 27% said they’re always completely sober when they drive, the number willing to drive while high is a cause for concern, especially with the recent finding that car rashes that result in injuries increase by 6% in legal adult use states. 

Researchers largely attribute this to mixing alcohol and cannabis, but it’s still an understandable cause for concern. And really, mixing the two is a slippery slope. Maybe just don’t do it.

As the CDC says, this is a special and important time of year for everyone, young and old. Let’s try and enjoy it as safely and calmly as possible.

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