How Much Weed Gen Z Buys, and What That Means For the Industry

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There’s no denying that 420 is the biggest day for cannabis sales and consumption across the U.S. Every year sees an increase in revenue, especially as legalization continues to sweep across the country. And 2022 was no exception.

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Store sales were up 148% over previous Wednesdays, according to data company Headset, with edibles and beverages trending over flower. And who was buying all the cannabis consumables? Gen Z, who is, yes, old enough to legally buy weed now.

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A changing demographic creates a new marketplace

As the industry grows and changes, so does its customer base, one generation at a time. As Gen Z, or those born between the years 1997 and 2012, comes of age, they’re quickly embracing cannabis and driving trends, and the industry is evolving to meet that demand.

Headset looked at how this age bracket shopped on 420 this year, from product preferences to basket sizes. According to their recent report, Gen Z customers are the most engaged, increasing their daily average spend more than three times previous Wednesdays. Women in this age bracket bought 25 percent more products, with men buying 35 percent more than in previous weeks.

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What’s flying off the shelves

Beverages had the biggest increase, at least five times more than a typical Wednesday, with edibles and pre-rolls on the higher side, as well. If these stats hold any bearing on where the market is heading, vape pens are out.

Or it could just mean that customers 25 and younger were looking more for celebratory party supplies versus their usual haul. Still, numbers like this could be useful to retailers looking to draw this group as a repeat customer base: Maybe it’s time to stock up on more edibles and single-serve items as this group continues to age into recreational cannabis use.

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