Cypress Hill Rapper B-Real Smokes Cannabis Every Day

Rapper and cannabis mogul B-Real of the legendary hip hop group Cypress Hill is famous for claiming to be “Insane in the Membrane.” But he says his consumption regimen is anything but loco.

Dr. Greenthumb

“It’s kept me young,” he said recently in a podcast interview. “And you hear that more and more from people that are consuming cannabis—that it heals.”

When asked how often he smokes, B answered, “the question is when do I not smoke?” He claims to get high regularly throughout the day. The only time he doesn’t partake? “When I’m asleep,” he said.

The rapper no longer drinks or does psychedelics and considers cannabis part of his wellness regimen.

“To me, it’s like vitamin intake, man,” he said. “The healing components, whether you’re consuming it through smoking or edibles or topicals, it’s like a supplement. The other thing is if you’re smoking before you work out, it gives you this ultra focus.”

New strains for the membrane

Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries were founded in 2018 by B-Real. They sell an extensive menu of top-shelf cannabis, including his brand Insane flower company. Recently, master grower Kenji Fujishima worked with them to cultivate a potent new strain of cult-favorite OG Kush.

Can’t get yourself out to Cali to sample their stuff? Dr. Greenthumb has plans to expand its operations to Michigan and Boston later this year.

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