Congressional Bill to form a Federal Marijuana Commission – Cannabis Legalization News

Congressional Bill to form a Federal Marijuana Commission

This week, senator John Hickenlooper announced his plans to introduce a bill before #congress to form a federal marijuana commission to oversee #cannabis reform measures on the federal level. This comes as good news to those who have been pushing for more sensible cannabis policy at the national level.

The proposed commission would be tasked with studying how best to regulate cannabis, taking into account the different approaches that states have taken so far. It would also be responsible for making recommendations to Congress on how to deal with issues such as taxation, licensing, and enforcement.

This is a welcome development, as it shows that there is growing interest in finding a workable solution to the conflict between state and federal laws on cannabis. With the formation of this commission, we may finally see some progress on this issue.

Also in the headlines, it was recently announced that Sean “Diddy” Combs is partnering with Casa Verde Capital, a cannabis-focused investment firm, to launch the largest black owned cannabis company in the world. This is huge news in the cannabis industry, as black-owned businesses are still relatively rare.

#Diddy plans to purchase assets in Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts – three states that have legalized recreational cannabis. This will give the company a strong foothold in the Northeast US market.

The company will focus on creating quality products and brands that appeal to a wide range of consumers. This is a smart move, as the legal cannabis industry is still in its early stages and there is a lot of room for growth.

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