A Micro-Dispensary Opens Its Doors In LA

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The launch of WYLLOW’s flagship store in Los Angeles is a first for the city and possibly the nation—a multi-sensory micro-dispensary.


The retail shop is no larger than a bodega, but it resembles a life-size, mirrored jewel box. Customers are welcomed into the immersive space with ambient ASMR sounds, multi-colored LED lighting, and an educational terpene scent installation. 

WYLLOW, which opened its doors in April, was designed by Space Objekt. The studio is known for its spatial art experiences, bringing customers into a shopping environment where sound, sight, scent, and touch are aroused.

“Cannabis expands consciousness and creativity, so WYLLOW embodies this spirit in all that we do, including our new dispensary,” saysdCamille Roistacher, WYLLOW founder and CEO.

Let’s take a virtual store tour.

Colorful arches

WYLLOW’s design seamlessly integrates both the customer and cannabis throughout its unique architecture with design elements such as cone-shaped mirrors and a dichroic reflective entrance.

ASMR ambiance

Ambient ASMR sounds, such as rustling rolling paper and exhaled smoke, combined with LED lighting give customers a full-sensory experience.

Scents and sensibility

Natural terpene essential oils are displayed on volcanic stone and housed under glass. Similar to high-end candle stores, like Diptyque, the glass is lifted to reveal enticing scents of linalool, myrcene, limonene, and other terpenes that are naturally occurring in cannabis and contribute to the overall cannabinoid experience.

Image Credit: All Photographs Courtesy of WYLLOW

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