2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch To Close Out The Second Week Of 2022

2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch In January

As marijuana stocks continue to fluctuate in price many are watching to see if this momentum will be sustained. It’s expected that most sectors with go up and down as all stocks do. However for marijuana stocks specifically things tend to change without warning. This can present both upside and a downside for investors. Let’s say a company is down at times a recovery can happen without any indication. And vice versa when a cannabis stock is up.

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Overall there is solid potential to see a big year for pot stocks and the cannabis industry as a whole. Many new states are soon to vote on legalizing cannabis. Which if these states do enact legal cannabis it can also impact how the sector performs for the better. Yet most times when new markets are being set up most times is there MSO marijuana stocks that see the advantage of it. Right now everything that has to do with legal cannabis holds promising potential.

Much of these developments going on could be the catalyst needed to sustain better overall trading for the sector. With federal reform still facing issues, there are other areas that can lead to reaching better trading levels. So if federal reform fails to pass in 2022 the progress outside the market has the potential to offset any downtrend that may occur. Still, this concern is hard to overcome for those investors in the sector.

Marijuana Stocks And The Future Of The Industry

But with the right focus and taking a chance on the success outside of ending prohibition, there is much value to profit from. When trading most stocks fear and lack of understanding how to have the upper hand will send many investors running. Nevertheless, 2022 has much to look forward to as things are just getting started. Plus the start to this new year was met with a slight boost in trading.

Even though this upward push has since dipped back down it’s a better start than what some thought it would be. To which as the sector would face that pullback it opened another window to find the best cannabis stock to buy in 2022. Currently many are approaching the sector cautiously as no one wants to see another year of downward trading. Hopefully, this is not the case for investors, and marijuana stocks will see a nice recovery in the near future

Top Marijuana Stocks For Your January Watchlist

  1. Harborside Inc. (OTC:HBORF)
  2. The Valens Company Inc. (NASDAQ:VLNS)

Harborside Inc.

Harborside Inc. engages in the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, wholesale, and retail of cannabis and cannabis products for the adult-use and medical markets in California. In recent updates, the company has made several. Back in November, the company released its Q3 2021 earnings. Despite not having the best market performance these results were on the upside. At that time the company’s total gross revenue was $17.9 million. This was 10.4% higher sequentially than the previous quarter. Harborside

Next, the company completed the acquisition of Sublime. Which included “Fuzzies”, California’s award-winning infused pre-roll brand, for $43.8 million. Another highlight to mention is Harborside appointed Matt Hawkins as Interim CEO and Ahmer Iqbal as COO of the company. In more recent news the company announced the resignation of Michael Dacks from its board of directors. Mr. Dacks is leaving to pursue other opportunities as Harborside prepares to reconstitute its Board in 2022.

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Words From The Company

“On behalf of the entire Board and management team, I want to thank Mike for his significant contributions to Harborside,” said Matthew Hawkins, Chair of the Board and Interim CEO. “Since joining the Board in November 2020, Mike has played a crucial role in strengthening Harborside’s competitive position. This has culminated in agreements to acquire Loudpack and Urbn Leaf to create StateHouse Holdings upon closing of the Transactions, which we expect will be a leading California cannabis company. We wish Mike the best in his future endeavors as we work to complete these transformational acquisitions.”

The Valens Company Inc.

The Valens Company Inc. operates as a cannabis consumer products company. It engages in manufacturing cannabinoid-based products. The company provides proprietary cannabis processing services. as well as is involved in product development, manufacturing, and commercialization of cannabis consumer packaged goods. In one of the more current company updates, The Valens Company announced two agreements with PMI Mexico back in December.


Under the first agreement, Valens will supply CBD for PMI’s ongoing pharmacokinetic (PK) stage medical trials. Which are focused on anti-inflammatory applications of medical-grade, nano-water emulsified CBD oil. Under the second agreement, Valens will manufacture and distribute CBD-infused and uninfused PredilifeⓇ products globally. All while PMI will be responsible for the distribution of the PredilifeⓇ products in Mexico.

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Words From The CEO

“The relationship we have built with PMI Mexico marks an important milestone for Valens’ international expansion and the beginning of our Central and Latin America strategy,” said Tyler Robson, CEO, Chair & Co-founder of The Valens Company.

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