10 Ways to Avoid Arrest For Weed In a Legal State

With marijuana legal in some form in the majority of the U.S., many are feeling a lot more relaxed — and not just because of the weed. Cannabis users feel legally liberated in states where marijuana is legal; it’s a great feeling to know you can enjoy something you love without fear of going to jail.

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While this is partially true in states where weed is legal, it’s not the whole truth. In fact, there are several ways you can still get arrested where marijuana is legal.

Here are 10 rules to remember when you live in a state where marijuana is legal that may just keep you out of handcuffs.

Always buy from a registered dispensary

There are a lot of reasons you should buy your weed directly from a dispensary. There is quality control, safety and you know exactly what you are getting. Most of all, it is the legal way. Remember that just because marijuana is legal in your state does not mean you can purchase it from an unlicensed dealer, or from a stranger off the street. This is still very much against the law.

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Never re-sell weed you purchased legally

It might feel like a simple favor, but selling your friend the weed you purchased legally, even if you are not making a profit, is illegal. While your friend may not tell on you, just remember that possession is legal, but the selling and delivery of marijuana can land you in jail.

Make sure you have your medical marijuana card

If you have been approved for medical marijuana in the state you live then you can legally obtain and use it for medicinal purposes. When you have marijuana in your possession be sure to have your medical marijuana card on you. 

“If police accuse you of illegal drug possession, you can use this card as a form of identification to show law enforcement your status,” according to an article by LawInfo. If you do not have your card on you, however, the police may arrest you until matters are cleared up.

Don’t over-plant weed on your property

It is legal to grow weed for recreational or medical purposes in over 20 states. Grow laws vary in every state. Some only allow you to grow for medical purposes. Every state has a restriction on the number of plants. 

Some states even have restrictions on how many plants are allowed to flower at one time. Be sure you don’t get a greedy green thumb. Plant the legal amount so you and your plants can rest easy.

Don’t smoke weed where it is not allowed

Some states allow you to smoke in public and others do not. Possessing and using marijuana on federal property, however, is always illegal. “The federal law applies to offenses committed on federal property, which includes the Capitol grounds and the mall within D.C., as well as all national parks and military property nationwide,” according to NORML. This means you should think twice before sparking up at the National Mall or your Yosemite. 

Don’t carry too much

When you are at a dispensary you might be able to buy unlimited amounts of marijuana, but that simply is not the case. Every state has laws on the amount of marijuana you can possess. These laws are no joke either. Being caught with large amounts of marijuana can sometimes land you with felony charges in most states.

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Never purchase for, or partake with, those underage

It may feel like a no-brainer, but getting an underage person high, or providing one with marijuana is always against the law. Remember that the legal age is 21, not 18.

Don’t send ot in the mail

Edibles might seem like a great addition to a care package, but it is an illegal act. Colorado’s official website says, “The United States Postal Service is run by the federal government. Since marijuana isn’t federally legal, you can’t pop it in the mail.”

Do not bring it across state lines 

Individuals, and even companies, are not allowed to bring marijuana across state lines. All the marijuana you legally purchase in a state is from that state — and legally must stay there.

This is an easy thing to assume if you are traveling to a state where weed is illegal. If, however, you are going from one legal state to another you still should not cross the border with it. Keep in mind that when you fly the “friendly” skies, those skies are federal skies, not state-owned. 

Don’t drive with weed in the car

It is not always illegal to drive with weed in the car. If marijuana is unopened and in its package it is often acceptable. Opened flower and other opened forms of marijuana in motor vehicles is often illegal. Many states have adopted laws similar to “open container” laws that exist for alcohol.

Also, if you get pulled over with visible marijuana in your car — it just isn’t a good look. Be smart, and limit how often marijuana is in your vehicle when you are driving.

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